Lindy Hop / Solo Jazz : Marie N’Diaye

Marie has been dancing almost as long as she has been walking, but she fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2006. Since then Marie has been fortunate to work and dance with the fantastic teachers of the Cat’s Corner Studio in Montreal and is now based in Stockholm where she teaches at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio. In her classes, she combines modern knowledge and authentic style with a good measure of fun!

Tap : Travis Knights

Travis Knights is a Montreal native and a pride protégé of Ethel Bruneau since age 10. First class entertainer, outstanding tap dancer, storyteller extraordinaire and preacher of the rhythm business, he’s traveled the world to share his passion and collaborate with the most talented feet. Tap dance is a marriage between music and dance. Dancers are tasked with creating music and dancing to it simultaneously. Travis’ understanding of jazz music runs deep to his core.
He has performed with Tap Dogs, Savion Glover, and Gregory Hines. Knights speaks the music of swing fluidly. He represented our common culture like a royal storm last July at the Montreal Swing Riot famous Invitational Battle. We are finally bringing him to Cat’s Corner for an intensive workshop on jazz language for jazz dancers. No taps required. This will be an immersion into the dance as music and the music as dance, through the guidance of a tap dancer. Lace up your dancing shoes, because we’re about to swing hard.

Balboa : Dongshin Nam & Stan Yen

Dongshin Nam is an accomplished Balboa dancer from Toronto. She has been dancing in Swing for over a decade, and specializing in her favourite style (Balboa) since 2008. She hails from South Korea and moved to Canada in 2011. Since then Dongshin has traveled to many different Balboa events across the United States and Canada and ‘studied’ many different styles of Balboa, which she uses to help build her scene in Toronto.

Dongshin, along with her partner Joseph Cuatico, is credited for growing the Toronto Balboa scene with her Bi-Annual Balboa event known as the Toronto Toss-Out which runs for 3 days every spring.

Despite both parents being ballroom dancers, it wasn’t until 1997 that a convoluted series of events led Stan from an unhealthy obsession with the Squirrel Nut Zippers to an unhealthy obsession with swing dancing. He attended his first Balboa workshops sometime in the early aughts, but only became completely obsessed with the dance after attending All Balboa Weekend in 2008. He loves the connection aspects of the dance — between the lead and follow and between the dancers and the music — playing with musicality and sharing the joy of the dance with each new partner.

Stan started teaching (and DJing) out of necessity after he and his wife, July, decided to try to grow a Balboa scene in the Boston area. He has a habit of embellishing his teaching with absurd mixed metaphors, obscure 80s references, and physics analogies that aren’t really analogies.

Blues : Mike & Dan

Dan Legenthal lives in Boston, MA where he spends his days pretending to be a mild-mannered business person. However, at night he turns into a dancing machine. In a former life, Dan studied classical guitar at a conservatory, but now he uses those skills to learn and grow as a dancer. When off the social floor, Dan teaches and performs around the world at events like Lindy Focus (USA), Korea Blues Camp (South Korea), and Swingin’ the Blues (Australia).

Mike Legenthal has been a full-time student and teacher of blues for over a decade. In her dancing, she seeks to be distinctive and creative, but always driving towards the heart of blues aesthetic and culture. She immerses herself in the music and in playful, dynamic partnership. As an instructor, she offers both detailed technical descriptions and imaginative metaphors, to reach a wide range of minds. She is clever and respectful, and hopes to leave her students engaged in critical, nuanced critical thought. Mike’s current projects include being a member and choreographer in the B-Sides, helping to run The Blues Experiment and Blues Muse, and researching blues-idiom movement through video, in the hopes of expanding the community’s knowledge base.

Wacking : Preach