Gordon Webster

Pianist Gordon Webster is one of the most sought after musicians in the lindy hop world. His tremendous musicianship and passion, supported by his first-hand knowledge of social dancing, have inspired lindy hoppers at hundreds of dance events worldwide. Drawing on influences as diverse as Fats Waller, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson and Gene Harris, Webster serves up a smorgasbord of styles unified by one characteristic: irresistible danceability.
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Emily Estrella

In collaboration with a group of veteran instrumentalists, singer Emily Estrella has a sultry, ‘old soul’ voice that evokes the Dixie ghosts of a previous century. Charismatic and joyous, their fine dancing melodies will have you swinging and swooning with a romantic nostalgia reminiscent of a wartime Parisian cafe or a smoky European stage. You’ll be tapping your toes to the robust rhythms as they share their contagious repertoire of traditional and exceptional, acoustic New Orleans Jazz.

Andy Mac & His Little Big Band

Guitarist/singer Andy MacDonald fronts his new group ‘Little Big Band’. The group’s sound brings a variety of influences from both New Orleans and Hot Jazz traditions. The four piece rhythm section (guitar, bass, piano, drums) is complemented by a trio of horns (trumpet, clarinet, trombone). The band plays original arrangements at a variety of tempos and draws from the repertoire of Goodman, Reinhardt, Ellington and more.


Kalmunity is Canada’s largest artistic collective of notable artists who gather weekly to produce 2 of Canada’s longest running musical improv events.

Founded and led by Jahsun, the collective consists of almost 100 artists and musicians from various backgrounds and disciplines which gives Kalmunity the ability to cover a plethora of musical genres and vocal styles in a variety of languages. For this reason the term ‘Live Organic Improv’ was coined to help best describe the eclectic and constantly changing sound and nature of the collective.

Never the same twice, a part of Kalmunity’s magic lies in the fact that the collective changes with every event. Familiar faces, voices and instruments can be found peppered about, but as Jahsun politely reminds the dedicated revelers at all of our events, each moment with Kalmunity is not just special, they are unique. They should be savored and cherished, because the creativity you witness today will not be the same tomorrow, or ever again for that matter!

Kalmunity has been featured at major festivals and events across Canada since it’s inception including The Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Irie Music Festival, House of Paint and Voix D’Amerique to name a few. They have also been featured on/in major local channels and publications such as Breakfast Television, MaTV, the Montreal Gazette, Cult MTL, Journal De Montreal and more.